These Factors Explain Why Your Mulcher Teeth Are Wearing Down Fast

These Factors Explain Why Your Mulcher Teeth Are Wearing Down Fast

You may have probably noticed that your grinder teeth are wearing down really fast. But what you cannot figure out is what could be the reason. You may have also tried all forms of maintenance, but none seems to work. Well, this is something that happens to many people across the industry. But worry not. We are providing you with the reasons why your mulcher cutter tools are behaving like that. We are also providing with a possible solution to these cause. Check out the following.

Wrong Application

What kind of material are you mulching? Well, this could be the first reason you are having trouble with your machine. There are various types and sizes of waste wood material that the mulchers can work on. Each type and size of material have certain types of teeth that can work on it. Therefore, you need to check if you are working on the right teeth. If the teeth have been designed for softwood materials such as the weed, then do not use it on bushes and brushes. That could be one of the reasons why your mulcher teeth parts such as teeth are wearing down quickly.

Quality of the Teeth

Another way that the fast wearing down of your mulcher teeth could be explained is the quality of teeth. The market offers all types of qualities when it comes mulching teeth. There are high-quality teeth but depending on the material used for construction as well as the low-quality one. It is for you know the kind of teeth that you are using especially if you made a replacement. You could be using low-quality teeth, and that is why they are wearing down really fast. That is common in such cases. The solution is to buy a new set of quality mulcher teeth, and the problem will be no more.

Lack of Proper Maintenance

The level of maintenance can greatly affect the rate of wear and tear of the wear parts. A machine that is poorly maintained is like to experience a high rate of wear down of wear parts. That includes the mulcher teeth. If you don’t do regular maintenance of the machine including crucial wear parts, then that could be the problem. Make sure that you have done overhaul maintenance of the machine and then a follow up with regular maintenance. That will reduce the rate of wear down of wear parts.


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