Hacks For Keeping Fecon Brush Cutter Teeth For Longer

Hacks For Keeping Fecon Brush Cutter Teeth For Longer

If you have been operating Fecon brush cutters for a while, you must have noticed that a huge chunk of the cost of operation goes repair and maintenance. However, most of the cost is seen in the maintenance of the cutting material. That may be in terms repair and replacement of the Fecon mulcher teeth. However, you can reduce this cost by maintaining the teeth in a good condition. In this article, we rounded up you with tips that will help you keep you Fecon brush cutter teeth in a good condition. Check out these hacks:

Invest In Operator

One of the major reasons why most people complain of the mulcher teeth wearing off to fats is due to poor use. Did you vet the experience of the operator while hiring? If you are the one operating, how well are you trained? These are the key question to answer. Just like any other machine, how it operated will definitely affect the longevity of the wear parts. A professional and experienced operator is extremely careful not to expose the machine to severe conditions that reduce its lifespan. They know how to maximize productivity without compromising the machine.

Invest In Maintenance

Don’t be mean with your machine if you want to continue getting the best. Make sure that regular maintenance of the machine is one of the key activities. However, it has to be a regular maintenance and the monthly kind of maintenance. Make it a habit to inspect the machine before working and after the work. That way, you will be able to identify faults and damages on the teeth other wear parts before it gets worse. At that stage, it will be cheap to make the repair and that will also extend the lifespan of the teeth significantly.

Avoid Rocky Surfaces

Fecon brush hogs teeth are not designed to work on rocky surfaces. Exposing them to such surfaces will have a negative impact on the teeth lifespan. Although Fecon brush hog teeth are made from highest grade material, they cannot with rocky surfaces for long. They will become dull and blunt thus making it difficult for the machine recorded peak productivity. Therefore, work only on the vegetation the mulching machine is designed for. That is one of the ways that you will ensure that the mulching teeth lifespan is extended.

So for your Fecon brush cutter teeth to last for longer, try these hacks. they have been tested and found to work extremely well.

What Could Be Ruining Your Rayco Stump Grinder? Check Out This List

What Could Be Ruining Your Rayco Stump Grinder? Check Out This List

Rayco stump grinders are designed to last for a specific period of time if they are used for the intended purpose. However, there are a situation when the machine’s condition may deteriorating rather quickly. What most operators do is blame the quality of the machine or the manufacturer without realizing that they are the problem. In this article, we are going to look at some of the main reasons that could be ruining Rayco stump grinder. Check out these factors:

Poor Operation

How the stump grinder is operated will have a huge impact on the overall performance of the machine. Note that the machine needs to be operated with a lot of care for it to last for an extended period of time. However, there are some instances where the operators may not be trained on the best ways to handle and work with the machine. So having a poorly trained machine operator is one of the major reasons contributing to the high rate of wear and thus destroying the machine. The question that you need to ask yourself is who is operating the machine and things such as training and experience.

Inferior Wear Parts

The poor condition of the wear is one of the major contributors to the high rate of wear and tear. You need to have the condition of your Rayco stump grinder parts checked regularly to ensure that the machine is working perfectly. The main parts that are critical in a stump grinder are the teeth, belts and cutting disk. These are the parts that determine the machine performance and over longevity. If the teeth are in a bad start always (blunt and dull), the overall of the machine is increased. Therefore, ensure that you have quality Rayco stump grinder parts for sale and more so the teeth.


Every machine is designed to deliver on specific conditions. Some of the Rayco stump grinders are designed for the softwood while others can handle both soft and hardwood. It is up to the buyer to buy the kind of the machine that works best for them. If you are dealing with hardwood, then you Rayco stump grinder teeth should have the capacity to work and that.

Frequency of servicing

How frequently do you service or maintain you stump grinder? Failure to maintain and repair the machine timely is also a critical factor that you need to consider. Make sure that Rayco stump grinder parts are regularly checked for any fault and wear.

Tips To Buying The Best Ditch Witch Trencher Teeth

Tips To Buying The Best Ditch Witch Trencher Teeth

With time, your trenching machine will need to some repair and replacement. That is after working for a while, and some of the parts will have worn off, and the best way to maintain a peak performance is through replacement.  One of the key parts greatly affected by wear and tear is the teeth. That is why trencher teeth the most replaces and repaired parts of a Ditch Witch trencher. However, while planning to buy Ditch Witch teeth replacement, there are factors that you must keep in mind.  Here are some of the key things are crucial for replacement teeth:

Check Out Type of Teeth

Like in any other machine, the types of teeth that you buy replace the old one is a crucial factor to consider. Not every tooth will work for your trenching machine. There is a variety of teeth trencher with each designed for a specific type of surface or ground condition. So you might find yourself investing in teeth that are not designed to work for that kind of surface. Make sure that you have the right teeth for the right surface as that is the only way that you can get intended output. You must also consider some of the factors such as the size of the teeth and if they will be work for your machine.

How versatile are the Teeth

When it comes to trench digging, the versatility of the trenching machine is critical. Due to the nature of the soil, you need to have a kind of machine that can handle different types of soil without compromising the level of output. But that can only be achieved by the use of super versatile trenching teeth. Therefore, ensure that you have purchased the most versatile Ditch Witch trencher teeth for the replacement. That way, you will be able to work on different types of soil using the same machine.

Useful Life

Just like the rest of the industrial wear parts, the useful life of the Ditch Witch trencher teeth is crucial. It is the only way that you get value for the money by enjoying teeth services for a more extended period. You don’t want to buy a set of trencher’s teeth, and few months down the line you are back to the market for another set. So, make sure that a longer lifespan of the teeth is guaranteed. And to achieve that, the grade of the material used in their construction is a crucial factor to consider.


Benefits of Investing In Quality Rock Auger Teeth

Benefits of Investing In Quality Rock Auger Teeth

Rock auger teeth or auger rock bits are some of the most specialised types of drilling tools for tough conditions. They are popular with foundation drilling due to their incredible features such as high wear resistance. They can withstand the toughest conditions, and that is why most operators prefer them. But quality is the key feature that is guiding you while shopping for these teeth.  But what are key benefits of investing in quality rock auger teeth?  Here are some of the benefits:

Constant Output

A constant output is guaranteed with quality teeth. You don’t want to have drilling parts that produce varying output now and then. In such cases, it is extremely difficult to plan your time and tell how long the project is likely to end. It will also be very difficult to tell the total cost of the projects of the project, especially on things such as the total cost of the labour & fuel. Therefore, make sure you have invested in the premium quality of auger rock bits to maintain a constant output.

Versatility and Compatibility

When it comes to rating versatility, rock auger teeth stand out from the rest. Apart from being design for the rocky soils such as drilling foundation, they can also be used for various soils such as abrasive types. Quality auger rock bits can also work extremely well on soft soil. When it comes to matters compatibility, these are the kind of teeth that can be used on a vast range of machine brands. So if you are operating some auger brands, you can be used these teeth on these machines.

Reduced cost of maintenance

Cost of maintenance is one of the challenges most operators struggle with. With the rock auger teeth, there is the likelihood of very high rate of wear and tear especially if you are doing foundation drilling. But if you have the best quality teeth where the tip is constructed from the highest grade of carbide and the body is made from premium steel, then you will experience a lower rate of wear and tear. That simply means lower cost of maintenance.

Extended Useful Life

Do you know that the condition of your auger rock bit determines the lifespan of your machine? Well, that is something that you always have in your mind while making a replacement.  Therefore, by investing in quality rock auger teeth, you will enjoy your auger and your prime driver for an extended period of time.

Planning To Buy Fecon Parts? Look For These Features

Planning To Buy Fecon Parts? Look For These Features

If you are planning to buy Fecon parts, avoid going into the market clueless. Otherwise, the market is pretty ruthless, and you might find yourself badly bruised. You may find yourself buying fake or counterfeit Fecon products, and that can be a horrible experience. But there are a few precautions that you can take to ensure that you are getting only the best out of your tool shopping. In this article, we are going to look at some of the key features to look for in Fecon parts. Check out for these features.


Branding is one of the key features that you should look out for. With the number of counterfeit products coming into the market, it is becoming easy for the fraudster to nub newbies in the market. First, they are producing fake products that are almost the same as the original brand. But there is always a slight difference between the two which newbies are not quick to identify. Therefore, you need to understand the Fecon parts before going into the market. You must learn the branding of the Fecon products so that you don’t become a victim of the ruthless, fake traders on the market.

Check Out Material Used

One of the major mistakes that most people make while buying industrial machine parts and tools is checking the type and quality of the material used. If you are not purchasing an OEM product, then the quality of the material used for the construction is something that needs to be checked carefully. Some of the products that we have in the market are constructed from low quality, and it could cost you a lot if you end buying them. Depending on the Fecon part you are buying, the material varies. If you are buying cutting parts such as teeth and cutting blades, then you need to consider the type of carbide and steel used. For the tip or cutting edge, you should have the best carbide material. Note that the kind of material used will also dictate the lifespan of the tools and the machine.


The pricing of the Fecon parts or how low the seller is willing to go during the bargain should tell you something about the value or the quality of the product.  That is why it is important to know the price of the product from the manufacturer (maybe from their website) so that you can have the basis for comparison.

Auger Repair

Auger Repair

Ever thought of repairing an auger? Are your screw flights wearing thin ? Is a worn auger causing you decreased throughput or causing problems with the machine operation?

There are ways to alleviate wear or at least extend the life of your augers. Roll bars, thicker flight or different materials of construction can give your augers longer life.

If your conveyor, mixer or parts blaster design is conducive, you can also get extended auger life by going to a thicker stock material for your flight. The thicker the flight, the longer the auger should last before needing repair or replacement.

And if your current augers are standard carbon steel or even stainless, there are a wide variety of wear and abrasive resistant metals that can greatly extend the life of your auger. Make sure your vendor has experience and can provide you with material recommendations based on your product or material, process requirements and equipment design to provide the optimum auger life.

Lastly, you can do hardfacing of the auger and flighting, which has shown to increase service life up to 50% under normal operating conditions.

And don’t just dispose of your worn or beat up augers, it may be possible to repair your existing augers with the same material or enhanced material at a fraction of the cost of a brand new auger.

Leading EDGE Awards Announced

Leading EDGE Awards Announced

Entrepreneurs EDGE recently announced the 2012 Leading EDGE Award winners.  And an auger manufacturer was honored as one of these valuable companies.

The Leading EDGE Award annually recognizes about 100 Northeast Ohio value creating mid-market companies in order to spotlight the collective assets these companies provide to the region, and beyond.  Kirk Neiswander, President of The Entrepreneurs EDGE says ” Mid-sized companies are the backbone of our regional economy.  They have the greatest potential to grow and create more value for Northeast Ohio.”

For the 6th straight year, Falcon Industries, a manufacturer of augers and custom conveyor and mixing screws, metal ribbons, and various other continuous and sectional flighting, was honored as a Leading EDGE award winner.  While the honor focuses on Falcon’s impact to Northeast Ohio, receiving the award is a recognition earned by the hard work and dedication to quality products and customer service at both of their plants.

Augers: A Key Component in the Future of Biomass

Augers: A Key Component in the Future of Biomass

“Global biomass and waste power generation could grow to 270 gigawatts through the year 2030”    –  International Renewable Energy Agency

“Biomass will be the dominant form of renewable energy.” –  David Minott at Int’l Biomass Conference and Expo 2013

So where does all this biomass come from ?  How does it generate power? And, what role to augers play in the process ?

Biomass can be a wide variety of materials, but it is primarily biologically produced  with the chief components being carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.  The largest amount of biomass is wood.  But biomass can also be used plastics, old tires, yard waste, wastewater treatment sludge, municipal solid waste or agricultural waste.

Pyrolysis is the thermal decomposition of organic and synthetic waste material at elevated temperatures in the absence of oxygen.

Companies use pyrolysis or gasification to turn biomass into energy.  Pyrolysis and gasification are methods of high temperature “cooking” of biomass materials to produce energy, which use less oxygen than typical incineration.  These techniques are an improvement over traditional incineration methods, which require higher temperatures, and emit greater CO2 emissions.

Pyrolysis operates at about 350 – 475 degrees C.  The hot gasses from this process are used to drive steam generators.  The waste gas from the reactor can be cooled to condense the oil content, which can be used to fuel the furnace reactor or a diesel generator.  In addition, it can be refined, if needed, to be used in other ways to generate power or as a feedstock for the petrochemical industry.

And what better way to move all this biomass material than with augers.  Augers perform many different jobs throughout the entire biomass to energy process.  To begin, augers are used in the large biomass dryers where their unique helicoid screw design moves and mixes the biomass material in the dryers.  By providing a complete and thorough mixing within the dryers, augers ensure that the biomass material is in optimum condition for the most efficient pyrolysis.

When the dried biomass is ready to be heated, augers and shaftless flight are used to carry the stored biomass feedstock, slowly and accurately feeding it into the heating reactor.  The precision feeding that augers provide allow for maximum heating and processing efficiencies in the pyrolysis chamber.

Finally, augers are then used to slowly move the biomass through the pyrolysis reactor, withstanding the high temperatures required to convert biomass into gas.

“ While a simple part of the pyrolysis process, augers that are designed properly and constructed to our customers exacting specifications can make for the most efficient biomass to energy conversion,” says Brian FitzGerald, President of Falcon Industries, a leading manufacturer of custom made augers and flighting.

While pyrolysis and gasification have been around for hundreds of years, producing gas for streetlights in the 1800’s and powering motor vehicles during WWII, today the industry is starting to grow as they develop new and innovative ways of turning waste into usable power.  As they improve and refine the process, augers will continue to play a key role in effectively turning waste into power.

What are the Origins of the Screw and Auger ?

What are the Origins of the Screw and Auger ?

Today, the screw / auger is used in a wide variety of industries and in many different applications. So, where did it all begin?

Some believe in antiquity it was used for a screw pump in 7th century BC, by the King of Assyria, to move waters to the hanging Gardens of Babylon. Others believe that the screw / auger dates between 200 and 300 BC, when a Greek mathematician, Archimedes of Syracuse, used a screw designed to transfer liquid from a low lying body of water into irrigation ditches. The Archimedes screw pump, bearing his name, is still being used today for the movement of water, primarily in wastewater treatment

Screws were also employed throughout the Mediterranean world by the 1st century BC for oil and wine presses. Through the evolution of design and material construction, screws are still used for this purpose, as well as dewatering screw presses for anything from pulp and paper to biomass and sludges.

There are many industries that owe thanks to the early engineers, who over the centuries have improved the efficiency and processes in the wastewater, chemical, mining, materials handling, construction industries, and a host of others. Without a doubt, screws, augers and flighting are used effectively to improve the processing in a variety of applications. Over the coming months, Augersblog will explore many of the processes and applications in greater detail.