Useful Tips to Maximize Mulcher Teeth for Peak Performance

Useful Tips to Maximize Mulcher Teeth for Peak Performance

When it comes to land clearing, the most important thing to consider is the performance of the machine. But there are various parts of the machine whose output, no matter how small it is, finally determines the overall performance of the machine. Among these parts are the mulcher teeth. To get peak performance out of your mulching machine, then you must consider the condition of these teeth.

Like the rest of the mulcher parts, mulcher teeth are prone to a high rate of wear and tear. In fact, they are some of the most affected parts by wear. That is the reason why the machine performance is likely to deteriorate with time as it ages. But that does not mean your machine performance is condemned. There are various ways that you can improve the condition of mulcher teeth for peak machine performance.  Here are just some of them:

Regular Repairs

The most immediate things that you should do if the condition of the mulcher teeth is wanting is making repairs. In most cases, the condition is never that bad and would just require a simple fix to bring the teeth back to their normal condition. Some of these repairs may not even require the intervention of a technician, and thus you do it yourself. After you are done, the mulching machine should show signs of improved cutting performance. Note that failure to carry out regular repairs is what leads to machine breakdown with.

Make Replacement

In some cases, the condition could be too bad for a repair to fix. These are extreme cases where mulcher teeth carbide insert could have broken off or cracked carbide tip. In other cases, the teeth could be totally worn out that the only way is to have it replaced. In such cases, then you have no other choice other than to make the replacement. However, you must ensure that the quality of teeth that you are planning to make a replacement with is the best that you can find in the market. That will enable you to maintain the best quality and best performance for your machine.

Carrying Out Regular Replacement

Last but not the least is carrying out regular maintenance of your machine and more so the cutter tools. This is one of the best ways to enable you to identify and fix any problem before it is too late. You might come across a loose tooth and fix it before the problem gets worse. With that, you will avoid downtimes and costly repairs and maintenance. You will also enjoy constant high machine performance.

To Buying Right FAE Mulcher Parts, Check The Following


To Buying Right FAE Mulcher Parts, Check The Following

One thing that has got most people in trouble is the choices they make while buying their mulcher parts. In some cases, you will find people going into the market and settling for what we can only refer to as the inferior quality. Consequently, the quality of mulching reduces with time and value for money is rarely seen in such kind of purchases.

If you are buying FAE mulcher parts, there are a few things that you need to take into consideration. The most critical for all is a buying guideline of the wear parts. So if you are going to the market, what should you be looking for? Well, that is a question that anyone should ask themselves. Unfortunately, it is one question that most people do not get answers to. Some people especially the newbies in the mulching industry will just go into the market without much knowledge of what they should be looking. Check out the following:

Quality: Quality of the FAE mulcher parts can be described in various forms. In most cases, people just look at the physical attributes of the teeth and are satisfied and ready to make a purchase. But that should be the case since looks can be deceiving. For instance, the quality of FAE mulcher teeth should be based on the aspect of material used for the making of the teeth. What makes teeth tip/shank? What makes the body? And lastly, the kind of joint that has been used to join the insert and the body. So the most important things that you must consider is the quality of the materials used for the construction of the FAE mulcher parts.

Authenticity: The market has becomes extremely tricky for both the new and veteran mulcher operators. The number of the fake and counterfeit products getting into the market has been worrying. The trend has also denied buyers from getting genuine products. Therefore, you need to ascertain the authenticity of the products’ manufacturer. They may not be the original product manufacturer but have a reputation in the industry.

Compatibility: The last but not the least is the compatibility of the specific FAE mulcher parts to the machine. This is usually important if you are buying from the online shops. You need to be sure that the wear parts that you are buying will be useful to the machine. That will also help reduce the problem of downtime.

Best Practices to Maximize foundation drilling tools Performance

Best Practices to Maximize foundation drilling tools Performance

While working on foundation drilling, the condition of the teeth is one of the key areas to consider. Note that the condition of the teeth will directly impact on the overall output of the machine. Therefore, you need to maintain the your cutter tools in the best condition possible for you drilling equipment to deliver peak performance. But what are the best practices to maximize foundation drilling tools performance? Well, there are many but depends on how you approach them. Check some of the best practice that you should implement:

Never Re-use retainers

One of the best practices for you want to maximize tool performance is never to re-use the retainer. When you are replacing new conical in the drilling attachment, it is also make sure that you have replaced even the retainers. One of the main mistakes that people, while trying to cut the cost of maintenance, is reusing these parts. What they don’t know is that an old retainer (possibly faulty) also accelerates the rate of wear of the newly replaced conical.

Immediate Replacement

Due to the kind of environment that drilling tools are exposed to, they prone to a lot of pressure, heat, wear and abrasion. In such condition, the cutter teeth may become blunt, dull or completely worn-out. In some cases, it is possible to repair some of the condition, but if they are beyond repair, you need to replace them immediately. That way, you will decrease the pressure on other machine parts thus reducing the rate of wear and tear. You will also maintain and increase the productivity of the machine.

Cutter Tool Rotation

The rotation of the cutter teeth is one area where most people fail badly. In an ideal situation, the conicals should be rotating freely in the block. If you find that he conicals are stuck, then there is a problem, and probably the machine could be operating at a lower efficiency. The best practice is to tap with rubber mallet or brass. It is also important to ensure that while installing new cutter tools, you have cleared out the block bore to ensure that the cutter tools are rotating freely. That helps to maintain uniform wear on the teeth and also keeps the teeth sharp.

These are three best practices that can help you maximize your foundation drilling tools performance. Other areas that should also look out for include using correct tools while installing cutter tools to avoid shattering the carbide tip.

Smart Tips for Buying Good FAE mulcher teeth

Smart Tips for Buying Good FAE mulcher teeth

Industrial tools’ market has quickly changed in the last few decades. On a positive note, the increase in the number of manufacturers has made tools accessible to the market. However, the filtration of fake and counterfeit products is making it difficult to get the right tools. If you are looking FAE mulcher teeth for sale for the first time, it may not be as easy as going to the market and pick the tool. There are a few things that you need to do to ascertain the quality of the tool.

However, if you utilize smart tips, it won’t take you long to tell whether the FAE mulcher teeth that you are buying are good or not.   Here are some of the smart tips that can help you get the best cutter teeth for your FAE mulcher machine:

Buy from a Reputable Dealer/Manufacturer

With the current state of the market, it can get difficult to tell the best dealer to buy from. Although buying from an FAE outlet would be the perfect place to buy guaranteed quality products, their outlets may not be anywhere near you. However, they have authorized dealers all over the world, and some could be near you. Therefore, ensure that you have bought from such dealer since the chances of getting the best quality mulching cutter teeth are very high.

Similarly, there are non-OEM manufacturers of high-quality FAE mulcher teeth. However, the quality of non-OEM teeth is not strictly controlled, but there are serious businessmen who offer similar quality to the original teeth from the original manufacturer. Products from these manufacturers are relatively cheap and but you much check their reputation. Check customers are recommending their products or not.

Quality of Material

The second thing that you should check is the grade of the material used for the construction the teeth. Note that the market offers a vast range of teeth depending on the quality and effectiveness. The major determining factor is the material that has been used in their construction. Note that price wars in the market have forced some companies to lower the quality of their products to remain competitive. The best materials for any FAE mulcher teeth for sale are carbide and steel. If you are you are clearing brushes and weeds, then you can have any carbide for the shank while the body should be alloys of steel. However, if you are clearing thick foliage or rocky conditions, then tungsten carbide would be the ideal material for the shank.

Common Stump Grinder Teeth Problems and Their Solution

Common Stump Grinder Teeth Problems and Their Solution

When it comes to stump grinder teeth, there are common problems that you are likely to come across very often.  But you can only identify them by troubleshooting right. That is the best way that you can be able to understand whether you need to make an immediate repair or replacement. Proper troubleshooting also enables you to keep your grinder teeth in good condition. In return, you are able to aintain high level of production. But which are the common problems and how do you fix them? Well, check out this list:

Carbide Fracture

The fracture of the carbide is one of the problems that common problem with most of the machine teeth. However, the problem is often associated with the wrong usage of the tools and mostly using the tools in surfaces that are too harsh for them. Exposing stump grinder teeth too hard cutting conditions and extreme impact are two main causes of carbide fracture. The best solution for such cases is first to do a full evaluation of the extent of the damage. Then you can decide to replace the carbide shank or the entire teeth.

Excessive Carbide Wear

Excessive wear of the carbide tip is another problem that is common not only with stump grinder teeth but all industrial machine teeth.  But it is also associated with the improper selection and the use of the grinder teeth. The common cause of this kind of wear includes exposure to very abrasive cutting conditions, cutting too deep into the stump, and high rotation speed. However, cutting deep and high rotation are the main causes of excessive carbide wear. There are various preventative measures such as cleaning the surface before grinding the stump. The second solution is adjusting machine rotation and the cutting depth.

Carbide Tip Breakage

Although carbide tip breakage is not a common problem with stump grinder teeth, it can happen if the teeth are exceedingly being used poorly. Note that there are different types of teeth and each is designed for specific needs. But if the selection of the teeth of the stump grinder is not done properly, it is possible to end up with the wrong teeth and that would cause excess stress which could lead to carbide tip breakage. High rotation and deep cutting can also be the cause of the breakage. The solution is changing the teeth or regulating the rotation and the depth of cutting.

These are just a few of the common stump grinder teeth problems and how you can fix them. However, there are many more, but that depends on where the stump grinder is being used.


How to Maintain Your Fecon Mulcher

How to Maintain Your Fecon Mulcher

Investing in Fecon mulcher would be the best decisions anyone in the forestry industry can make. These are beasts in that they are extremely powerful land clearing machines that will definitely give handsome returns on investment. Fecon mulchers are designed to work on different types of vegetation due to the quality of the wear parts that they are fitted with. However, you have to use and maintain them properly if you want to enjoy better services and for long. Here are key tips that can help you maintain your Fecon mulcher:

Don’t Exceed RPM Specs

Even though speed matters when it comes to land clearing, you should remain within the limits as provided for by the manufacturer. In every mulching machine produced by the company, they have provided the maximum RPM that can be used while mulching. Make sure that you don’t exceed that or else, you might cause extra wear on the equipment. Among the Fecon mulcher parts that would greatly be affected are the rivets and cutter teeth which sets off a chain of reaction. Therefore, don’t exceed rpm specs.

Understand the Condition First

Don’t make a mistake of going into mulching without a clear understanding of the work surface. Inspect the condition to ensure that you have the right Fecon mulcher teeth for the job. It would cost you a lot in terms of damages if you end up using the common mulcher teeth on rocky conditions. The rate of wear on the equipment would also increase significantly if you are using it in the wrong conditions. Therefore, for proper maintenance, it is important to understand the condition.

Frequent Greasing

Fecon mulchers have many grease points that require frequent greasing to ensure the machine is working efficiently. Most of them are areas that are in constant motion and thus developing a lot of friction. If not greased properly, they will definitely increase the rate of wear on the machine. Therefore, make sure that you have identified these and grease them adequately as advised by the manufacturer.

Regular Maintenance

No matter what you do, your Fecon mulcher will definitely wear down at some point and more so the wear parts. It may be dull teeth or broken mulcher teeth or faulty Fecon mulcher parts. If such situations are not fixed, they would ser a chain reaction that would increase the wear on the machine. That why regular maintenance is critical to the performance of the machine. Therefore, make sure that you have repaired or replaced worn down wear parts immediately.

Features Making Weld-On Carbide Teeth The Best Option

Features Making Weld-On Carbide Teeth The Best Option

The coming of the weld on carbide teeth into the market was a game changer in the industry that performance and productivity are critical. Unlike the rest of the teeth, weld-on teeth are designed for improved performance in various conditions. To achieve that, they come with unique features that set them apart from the rest. In this article, we are going to look at some of the main features that make these teeth extremely powerful. Here are some of the key features.

Powerful Joint

One of the main features that set weld on carbide teeth apart from the rest of the alternative drilling teeth is the joint. In almost all the available alternatives, the joints are made by the use of the blazing technology. Although the technology has been hailed due to its incredible properties such as the strength of the joint, weld-on teeth are quite different. These teeth do not use any form of welding to make the joint. Weld on carbide teeth use differences in temperature to make the joint. Carbide and steel have different melting points.

Steel melts faster than carbide. To make that joint, steel is allowed to flow over the carbide to form the joint. This joint is extremely powerful, and that enables these teeth to deliver in tough conditions. It is also important to note that weld-on joints are hard to break.

High Quality

If you are looking for quality teeth, then weld on carbide teeth would be the perfect option to go for. The quality of these teeth is gotten from the quality of the material used for their construction. If you are buying from a reputable company, the teeth should be made from high-quality steel and carbide material. The body should be made from forged or alloy steel while the shank should be constructed from tungsten carbide material. It is such quality of the material that gives weld-on teeth extreme quality features.

Extended Lifespan

Investing in drilling teeth is extremely expensive thus how long they serve is a critical factor to consider. With weld on carbide teeth, you have a set of drilling teeth that will serve you for an extended period. The use of carbide and high-quality steel material gives the teeth wear and abrasive resistance features.  That is the reason why these teeth can last for long. It also means that they will cost you less to maintain thus reducing the overall operation and maintenance cost.

How To Keep Stump Grinder Teeth Sharp For Long

How To Keep Stump Grinder Teeth Sharp For Long

The sharpness of your stump grinder teeth is critical to the performance and productivity of your machine. However, that is not always the ideal situation since as the time goes by, the condition of the teeth continues to deteriorate. In most cases, the stump grinder teeth get dull or blunt, and that makes it hard for the machine to remove stumps effectively. But there are ways that you can solve this problem and make sure that the sharpness in your grinder teeth is maintained for long. Here are tips to keep stump grinder teeth sharp for long:

Cleaning the Teeth regular

One of the main reasons why the stump grinder teeth get becomes dull and blunt is due to the buildup of dirt. As you grind through stumps, the gum from the tree and the static charges develops attracts dirt particles, and the accumulation starts developing slowly. It will reach a point where the carbide shank can no longer work thus making it difficult for the machine to cut effectively. But you can prevent such cases by cleaning the teeth after every grind work. Make sure that the dirt that was building up on the teeth has been removed and that the carbide shank is not blocked.

Pick the right work Surface

When it comes to the work surface, it is important to know what your teeth can do and what it can do. One of the blunders that most people make is failing to understand is that every stump grinder tooth is designed for a specific task. Therefore, you must ensure that you are using the teeth for the right purpose. If the grinder is designed for grinding softwood, do not use them for the grinding of hardwood stump grinder. By doing that, you will wear down the teeth quicker. Therefore, select the right wood for to grind to keep the teeth in good shape.

Regular Shank Sharpening

The other way to keep stump grinder teeth sharp for long is regularly sharpening. The shank or the tip of the teeth is usually made of carbide material that can deteriorate with time. If not checked, it will become dull and blunt thus making it difficult for the grinder to remove stumps. That is why it important to sharpen the teeth from time to time to ensure peak performance of the machine.  It does not need to be a thorough sharpening but a slight touch with the green wheel. That should keep your teeth sharp for a longer time.

Bobcat Auger Parts To Check Regularly  

Bobcat Auger Parts To Check Regularly

When it comes to maintaining your Bobcat auger, which parts do you prioritize? Well, this is one of the blunders that most people make. Like other machines, there are few things you need give more attention to. These are areas that are likely to wear off faster than the rest. By doing this, you will extend your machine’s lifespan significantly. Unfortunately, most operators don’t know this simple fact thus resulting in high rate of wear and tear, and finally, the breakdown of the machine. In this article, we are going to look at some of the major Bobcat auger parts you should always prioritize in your repair and maintenance.

Auger parts and Misc. Accessories

The first thing that you must always start with is the wear parts and all the accessories. There are various wear parts that make up the auger attachment. The most critical components are the auger teeth. No matter the type of teeth that you are using, you must ensure that they are in the best condition possible. As the cutting parts, teeth are exposed to the high rate of wear, depending on the material used for their construction.  Make sure that they are repaired by sharpening and when beyond repair, have them replaced instantly to maintain you auger equipment in good condition.

Other Bobcat auger parts and accessories that you should check regularly include fishtail points, auger collar, and the boring heads. The condition of these wear parts is critical to the performance of the machine. Make sure that they have been maintained in their best condition possible. When replacement is necessary, make sure that it has been done immediately.

Auger Adaptors

Auger adaptors are also very critical to the performance of the auger equipment. However, they are also affected by wear and tear, and they might make it impossible for the equipment to work effectively. Therefore, make sure that you have put them in the list of parts to be checked regularly. You can have the repaired or replaced when necessary. Fortunately, there Bobcat auger adaptors are easily available in the market for replacements.

Auger Extensions

Have your auger extensions checked regularly to ascertain their conditions always? They are critical for the overall performance of the auger attachment. You should have them repaired to restore their performance. However, if they are beyond repair, get them replaced. Depending on the prime mover you are using, you have a vast range of auger extensions to pick from.

Key Features Weld on Carbide Teeth

Key Features Weld on Carbide Teeth

If you have a drilling project that is proving stubborn, you should drop the common drilling bit for weld on carbide teeth. These types of teeth/bits are extremely powerful and that is the reason they widely used in drilling works. One thing that makes them exceptional is the fact that the tip and the body are not welded using the braze technology like other teeth. That is why they are extremely rigid and the reason why they perform well in tough conditions. In most cases, weld on carbide teeth are used on drilling buckets and core barrels. What are the key features of weld on carbide teeth? Check out these features:

High Rigid and Strong

One of the key features of the weld on carbide teeth is rigidity. These are some of the most rigid teeth that you can ever come across. The nature of the joint is one of the key reasons why these teeth are popular. The fact that they do not use braze welding technology makes them extremely powerful. That is what makes them the best drilling teeth option in conditions where the rest of the teeth can’t. They are also big and bulky in size, a thing that gives the much need strength for such conditions.  It is this rigidity that gives them an advantage over the available alternatives when it comes to foundation drilling.

Power on Rocky Conditions

One of the toughest forms of drilling works is the foundation drilling. Unlike other forms of drilling, foundation drilling goes beyond the normal levels to hit the most rock soils. In such rocky conditions, it is important to have powerful tools that can deliver high productivity without compromising on the condition of the teeth. Not many types of drilling bits can offer incredible drilling as weld on carbide teeth. Since they are made from carbide material and cast steel, these teeth can withstand the toughest conditions and heat to deliver great results. So if you are drilling rocky surface, then these are the kind of teeth you should invest in.

Extended Lifespan

One of the key things you must take into account while investing in drilling bits is the value for money. But the most effective ways of getting value for money is an extended lifespan. With weld on carbide teeth, that is exactly what you get. They are constructed from highest grade materials- tungsten carbide and cast steel. They come with properties such as abrasion resistance and resistance to wear which makes them highly durable. By investing in these teeth, you will enjoy a long useful life thus giving value for money.