Importance Of Lubrication In Cold Forging

The cold forging process requires a number of steps to perform it properly. Of the very initial steps that you need to take is the lubrication of the billet that you want to forge. There are many reasons why you need to have the metal thoroughly lubricated, and the major one is that it makes the forging process smoother. But how? That’s what we are going to look at in this article.

For starters, it is important to note that you need to have the right lubricant for this step. Once you have identified the slug, the first step before you place it on the dies should be adding a layer of oil. Depending on the type of metals that you want to forge, there are the recommended lubricants. Here are the reasons why lubrication is very crucial when cold forging.

Ease of Forging

One of the reasons why lubrication is making the forging process easy. The sliding of the billet into the dies and taking the required position would be difficult without lubrication. Therefore, to make the process easy from the start, make sure you have added the right layer of lubricant on the metal pieces. Did you know that lubrication also makes it easy to remove the forged part after the forging has been completed? Yes, that’s true.

Dissipate Heat

The other reason lubrication is important is to help dissipate heat produced during the forging process. If this heat is not removed, it could affect the quality of the forgings. When the heat is not dissipated, and the forging still remains at a high temperature, it could affect the mechanical features of the forgings. Note that the cooling of the forged product has an effect on its hardness and strength.

Reducing Metal-To-Metal Contact

The bare metal-to-metal contact when cold forging can be detrimental to the tooling and equipment used. It increases the friction energy, and a lot of heat is produced between the metals. This will definitely increase the rate of wear and tear and could reduce the lifespan of the die and the billet being col forged. With a layer of lubricant, this problem is solved, and you can have the dies last longer.

In cold forging, you will need to use high-viscosity oil to get these benefits. However, adding the right amount of lubricant is also necessary. It should just be enough.

How To Keep Your Laser Gravure Machine In Shape For Long

The one thing you need to get right when it comes to a laser gravure machine is keeping it in perfect shape for a long. If you want to get value for money, you must keep the machine as it was new for a longer time. But this is something that most people get wrong.

You will find most people complaining that their machine is drastically reducing performance and production. But it may not be known is that they have neglected some aspects of the machine. Without proper

In this guide, we will look at some of the best ways to keep your laser gravure machine. Check out the following tips:

Have the Right Machine

You may want to keep your machine in perfect condition for long, then you need to have the right machine for the job. This is an important factor, especially if you are engraving for commercial purposes. Assessing your engraving needs is highly recommended to help you get the right machine for the job. For buying the machine, we recommend that you go here. The company has a huge collection of laser gravure machines for you.

Proper Use

For your machine to retain good condition for a long time, you must use it properly. Most of the people complaining of the highly accelerated rate of wear and tear are because of improper use. If the machine is used in rougher conditions than it is designed for, it will result in a higher rate of wear and tear.  Therefore, to keep it in good condition for a long, you must ensure that it is properly used as recommended by the manufacturer.

Frequent Repairs

The other thing you need to consider seriously is the repairs. The laser gravure machine will always develop faults, and they are usually small in size. If you are not careful or you don’t fix these problems while still small, they will become a big problem in no time. That’s why frequent repairs are highly recommended if you want to want to keep your machine in perfect shape for longer.

Overhaul Maintenance

In all the user manuals that the manufacturer provides, they emphasize overhaul maintenance. This kind of maintenance usually helps to get rid of all faults in the market. Every part of the machine is checked, and the machine is given a new life. This is a good way of keeping the laser gravure machine in shape for a long.

How To Maximize Hydraulic Press Machinery

So you have been working with your hydraulic press machinery and feel like you are not getting the most of it? Well, you need to learn something about how you can maximize these machines. This blog has some information that might interest you about how you can get the most out of your hydraulic press machinery.

We have put together some of the crucial points you need to consider if you want to get better output out of your hydraulic press machinery. Read the following tips, and your pressing will never be the same:

Invest in Right Machinery

One of the biggest reasons why you are not getting the most out of the machine is having the wrong machines. Have you ever wondered whether you have the right hydraulic press machinery for the job? If you are not getting the expected output out of your machine, then you need to check whether you have the right machines. Make sure that you have understood the condition you are working in or the task at hand and get the right machine.


The other reason why you might be having low production is because of the poor maintenance. When hydraulic press machinery is not maintained properly, then you will definitely have a problem with its performance and productivity. Make sure that you are maintaining the machine, including proper lubrication of the moving parts.


Could you be learning your hydraulic press machinery with some worn-out parts? This is a common thing that happens too often with machines. You must never run hydraulic press machinery when some of the parts are faulty. It will not only reduce the performance of the machine but will also increase the rate of wear and tear. Therefore, make sure that repairs and maintenance are done properly.

Proper Operation

You might have done everything right, but if the hydraulic press machinery is being operated by an untrained and inexperienced operator, you will still have a problem. Make sure that you have a well-trained and experienced operator running the machine. Otherwise, you might end up with not only low performance but also injuries and damaged machines.

These are some of the factors that you need to consider if you want to get the most out of your hydraulic press machinery. Keep the machine in a perfect shape. If you want to know more about hydraulic press machinery, read more here. The company offers a range of hydraulic press machines.

Expect These Benefits From Apollo Engraving Machine

So you want to invest in an Apollo engraving machine? Well, this is one of the best decisions that you can make. These machines have a good reputation in the market because of the many benefits that they offer.

There is so much that you can get from these machines. In this article, we are going to look at some of the biggest benefits that you can get from Apollo Series Systems. These are the advantages of these machines that make them popular.

If you are looking for one of the best suppliers of Apollo Series System, this website. The Laser Engraving Machine has some of the best Apollo machines in the market.

Here are some of the benefits that you can expect from the Apollo engraving machine:

Quality Engraving

The first thing that you can expect to get from an Apollo engraving machine is quality engraving. Whether you are engraving for business or for your own printing, you can expect to get one of the best quality engravings. This is what anyone in the engraving is looking for. With quality engraving, it means that you will have better printings and many other benefits.

High Production

The production in the engraving is all about the throughput of the machine. How many tasks that a machine can handle in a period of time? This is an essential factor to consider because you will need high throughput to maximize your production. With the Apollo engraving machine, you can be expected to get one of the highest production. They are designed for a high engraving rate regardless of the substrates you are working on.

Ease of Use

The technology is advancing rather quickly, and ease of use of the machine is becoming a crucial feature. That’s what you get from Apollo engraving machines. They come with incredible ease of use features, with most of the functions automated. You will like these machines’ user interface and other elements that make them pretty easy to use.

High Versatility

With an Apollo engraving machine, you can expect to have a machine part that offers one of the highest versatility features. These machines are powerful and can work on a range of substrates. Therefore, you can expect to have a lot of work because of the range of materials that you can engrave and produce excellent engravings.

Other benefits you can expect from Apollo engraving machines include cheaper engraving, low material waste, and so on.

Why Machine Users Should Go For Cold Extrusion

If you are a machine user, be it an automobile vehicle, bike, or even forestry machinery, there are many benefits that come with investing in cold extruded parts. Cold extrusion is one of the widely used forming methods that’s being used in metal manufacturing. This is because of the many benefits that it offers to both manufacturers and users of the parts.

In this blog, we are going to look at some of the major reasons why machine users should look for cold extrusion. We will base the argument on the major advantages that come with buying cold extruded machine parts.

There are so many cold extruded parts you can find in the market. Read more here about some of the cold extruded parts that you can buy. The manufacturer offers a range of products.

Here are reasons why cold extruded parts could be the ideal option for you:

Better Quality

There are many things that you need to look for in machine parts, but the quality of the parts is one of the factors that you need to consider. Without investing in quality, you will be wasting your money on products that give no value for the kind of work you do. The cold extrusion process offers some of the best quality features. Cold forged parts come with incredible properties that make them stand. The hardness and strength of the cold extruded machines improve their quality.

Vast Application

The incredible properties of the cold extruded parts are some of the reasons why these parts find vast applications. You can use cold forged parts for almost all the machines, including ones used in demanding conditions such as road milling and drilling. This is because the strength of these parts enables them to withstand even demanding conditions.

More Durable

Everyone wishes that they can find machine parts that can last longer. That’s what you get from cold extrusion. The process produces machine parts that can withstand even the most demanding conditions because of the hardness and strength that they offer. The cold extruded parts can withstand even the most abrasive condition. Therefore, they offer a longer lifespan hence more value for money.


Last but not least reason why machine parts users should go for cold extruded parts is their affordability. The cold forging process produces machine parts that cheaper because of the cheaper production process. Therefore, you will be spending less on these parts yet get good quality parts.

Common Products That Requires Laser Engraving Cylinder Process

Laser engraving cylinder is probably one of the most widely used techniques in the engraving industry. This is because of the many cylindrical products that are used in the market and needs engraving for beautification as well as labeling.

In this post, we are going to look at some of the cylindrical products that you may need to engrave. You can also visit for some of the best laser engraving equipment.

Gravure cylinders

The printing industry is one of the biggest beneficiaries of cylinder engraving machines. The making of the printing plates or images in the gravure printing cylinder is today being done using engraving technology. There are machines that are designed to laser engrave cylinders and all kinds of shafts. Depending on the size of the gravure cylinder you want to engrave, you need to find a perfect engraving machine.

Wine Bottles

Do you love wine? Well, if yes, you must have noted that most of the bottles have the names, images, and other characters engraved on them. The technology that is widely used for engraving work is laser engraving. There are many laser engraving cylinder machines that can be used for bottle engraving.

Baseball Bat

For the lovers of baseball, you must have a bat at home, or you have ever come across it. If yes, you might have seen the writing on these bats is usually engraved. The technology that is used for engraving is laser engraving. You just need to adjust the laser engraving machine for engraving cylindrical shapes to fit in the baseball bat.

Wine and Liquor Glasses

Check your liquor or wine glass, and you will notice that the décor on them and the branding are engraved. You might be wondering how this is done, but there are engraving machines designed to work on cylindrical shapes. They use laser technology to do engraving on all kinds of glasses. The technology can produce even the most intricate images, including logo brandings.


All kinds of shafts, regardless of the material, can be engraving. As longs they are cylindrical in shape, the laser engraving machines for cylinders can be used on them. The good thing with laser engraving is that you can engrave any image in the shaft, no matter how complicated it may appear. You just need to make the right settings and pro

Forging 101: Basic Of Cold Extrusion Forging

The cold extrusion forging process is pretty simple if you have been forging for a while. In fact, if you have been hot or warm forging, you will find the process quite simple because you will be skipping some of the steps.

Cold extrusion forging is growing popular because of the range of products one can produce. You can read here for more info about the products that this manufacturing is producing using the cold forging process.

If you want to know more about the cold forging process, we have put together the steps that you need to cold forge. Here are the main steps:

Metal Preparation

The first step is selecting the metal that you want to cold forge, and this choice is determined by the properties of the item you want to forge. Make sure it is of the right size in terms of weight. Then lubricate it thoroughly. Lubrication prevents the metal from sticking onto the die after punching, and it also helps to cool the billet during the forging pressing process.

Put Billet In the Die

You don’t need to heat, and you will just put the workpiece in the die. The die should have been made purposely for the item that’s to be formed. So, you should have had its design and made it with the specifications provided by the customers. It is a separate process that may be handled by another party.


Once the billet is in place, now you can start with the forging of the material. The punching step includes the compression force is applied to the metal to deform it. The force is too high that the material will reach its plasticity state, and this is how it is deformed to take the shape of the die. That’s how you form the new product with cold extrusion forging.

Removing Forged Part

The next includes a number of activities. It includes the removal of the flash and the removal of the forged parts from the mold or the die. These two activities can cause accidents, and that’s why they should be taken with care. Note that the formed product is still very hot, and thus you cannot touch it with bare hands. Make sure that you are using special tools to avoid accidents injuries.


The last step is finishing by giving the forged products a finer shape. However, cold forging usually produces near-net shapes, and this makes finish work pretty easy. But make sure that you are using the right equipment for finishing.

How Aftermarket Parts Transforms Your TMC Cancela Mulcher Use

For those using TMC Cancela mulchers, I know you must have been having problems with accessing replacement parts. After using the attachment for a certain period of time, the teeth and other parts will start wearing out. How you make replacements or the choice of the parts matters the most.

The aftermarket TMC Cancela mulcher parts, including the teeth, are now readily available. But why should you consider these parts or the originals and others options? Well, the answer is that they can transform your mulcher use. Here are some of the ways that aftermarket TMC Cancela mulcher parts can transform your operations:

Cheaper Operations

One of the biggest ways that aftermarket TMC Cancela mulcher parts can transform your use of these machines is the cost of operation. You will be spending less to mulch with aftermarket tools. The cost of the parts is one of the ways that you will be able to reduce the overall cost of operation.  Purchasing aftermarket parts is cheaper than buying originals and some OEM parts.

Reduced Downtimes

The biggest challenge that you have to be ready to deal with is downtime. If buying replacement parts for the first time from the original manufacturer, you will find out that you have to wait for a long time in the queue. This simply means downtimes in your operation. But with aftermarket TMC Cancela mulcher parts, you can have them supplied within a very short time. Queues are shorter.

High Productivity

You can expect to have higher productivity when using aftermarket TMC Cancela mulcher parts. This is because aftermarket manufacturers have been able to produce high-quality parts that offer high performance and productivity. You can also place an old for customized mulching parts that suit your needs. With tungsten carbide mulcher teeth, you can expect nothing but high productivity.

Reduced Repairs

You will be doing fewer repairs with aftermarket TMC Cancela mulcher parts. This means you will be spending less to operate your mulching machine. Aftermarket manufacturers such as JYF Machinery are producing high-quality tools that withstand high wear and tear rates. Therefore, you will not need to do a lot of repairs.

Few Replacement Needs

Because of the high-quality tools you get from aftermarket TMC Cancela mulcher parts, you will be spending less on replacement. With high resistance to wear, tear, and abrasion, these parts last longer. Therefore, it will take a while before considering making a replacement for worn-out parts.

5 Tricks To Keep A High Doppstadt shredder productivity

5 Tricks To Keep A High Doppstadt shredder productivity

How do you maintain high Doppstadt shredder productivity? Well, there are so many ways that you can do this. It is after you maintain consistently high productivity that you will be able to get the most out of the machine. You will be to get maximum profits and possibly recoup your money faster.

In this article, we have put together some of the ways that you can keep high Doppstadt shredder productivity. Read more about how you can achieve this with these 5 tips:

Right Application

The first trick is using the machine as recommended by the manufacturer. This is one thing that most people get wrong. If you have invested in a certain model of Doppstadt shredder, the manufacturer must have provided application specifications. Maybe they have already put specifications on the diameter of the wood that the machine can shred. Don’t go above the specification because you will be damaging your shredder.

Regular Check-Up

Make sure that your Doppstadt shredder is being checked regularly before or after you have completed a task. Make sure that you have checked the condition of the machine after a task to see whether there was any damage that was sustained. The most important part to check is the blades because they are the main cutting tools. Therefore, they are the parts that are most likely to be damaged.

Regular Repairs & Replacements

The other thing that most wood shredders don’t really take seriously is the repair and replacement of the blades and other parts. It is possible to find a machine that is working with cracked blades or even very blunt teeth. Some have their knives so damaged that the only best option is direct replacements. Do repairs immediately you notice something with the blades. If repairs cannot fix it, replace it immediately.

Proper Lubrication

Always make sure that your Doppstadt shredder is properly lubricated. This is an important factor for the overall maintenance of the machine. For shredding machines, keep high productivity, and for long, make sure that you have oiled all the moving parts. This will help reduce the friction problem, which is a major contributor to the high rate of wear.

Overhaul Maintenance

To keep your Doppstadt shredder’s productivity high, you should follow the maintenance schedule provided by the manufacturer. Make sure you are doing the overall maintenance after a period of time. You might even need a specialist to do it.

This Is How Good An Automatic Hydraulic Press Is

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to the issue of an automatic hydraulic press. Most people, especially newbies, don’t really understand what it means to have an automated machine. In this post, we are going to look at some of the few things you need to know about automatic hydraulic press. We are also going to look at some of the reasons why it is important to choose the automated model over the manual machines.

What Is An Automatic Hydraulic Press

As the name suggests, the automatic hydraulic press is simply the opposite of manual machines. These are machines that have most of their functions automated by the use of advanced technologies, including computer programs. In short, most of the functions are controlled by the use of computer programs.

Automatic hydraulic presses are a bit complex compared to manual machines. They come with sets of complex computerized machines for the automation systems. This includes a display system that may also have the bit of the computerized PLC.

How Good Is Automatic Hydraulic Press

The automatic hydraulic press machine has so many benefits for the user. In fact, buying this machine for your business will greatly improve your profitability in many ways. It will also enhance your productivity. Here are some of the ways automatic hydraulic press will be good for you:

Ease of Use

The automatic hydraulic presses are pretty easy to use. Depending on the level of automation the machine comes with, it also determines the level of ease of use. The fact that these machines do not need too much humans input to operate means that they will be easy to use. You just need to learn what button to press or the command to engage, and that’s all.

High Productivity

By having most of the functions automated means that these machines will be independent of humans. So the delays that come with human errors are eliminated with these machines. You can have the machine run smoothly for the longest time, especially for mass production.

Higher Profits

If you are using a hydraulic press for business, you will make money with an automated model. That’s because they can produce more in a unit of time compared to the manual model. They also reduce the cost of production by removing the reliance on humans for production.

There is so much that you can get from an automatic hydraulic press. They are worth invest in compared to manual models.