Main aluminum Alloys Used For cold forging

The aluminum cold forging could be one of the most performed forging processes in the metal manufacturing industry. This is because of the huge demand that forgings from this metal have across most industries. From electronics, appliances, electrical, and automobiles, cold forged aluminum products are widely used.

But one crucial detail that most people may not know is that there is a range of aluminum alloys used for cold forging. These alloys offer different features that make them ideal for some products and not others.

There are three main series of aluminum alloys that are cold forged, and they include 3xxx, 4xxx, and 5xxx. In this article, we are going to look at some of these alloys. Read more below:

3xxx Series

This is series comprises aluminum alloys with manganese metal. The two metals are combined to produce one of the hardest aluminum alloys and offer incredible properties. The small parts of magnesium added to aluminum alters the properties of the original Al and, more so, improves the strength of the metal.

The series 3xxx has a vast application, especially in the manufacturing of beverage cans. Most of the aluminum cans you find in the market are from this series of aluminum alloys. The series is also used for the manufacturing of heat exchangers, architectural applications, and cooking utensils.

4xxx series

This series comprises all aluminum-silicon alloys. In this case, silicon material is added to the aluminum, and it lowers the melting point of the Al metal. Unlike the previous series that is used for making harder parts, this series makes an even softer and lightweight alloy than the original Al. The alloy also has a high strength-to-weight ratio.

This series also produces an aluminum alloy that has good corrosion resistance and good castability. The most application of this series is in making aluminum alloys for brazing alloys, welding wire, and automotive applications.


5xxx series

This series includes all aluminum-magnesium alloys. It produces alloys that offer higher strength and corrosion resistance than the original Al. The series is widely used in the manufacturing industry due to its versatility. Because of the alloy’s hardness and strength properties, it is widely used for making forging tougher conditions.

You will find it in marine applications, automobiles, the aircraft industry, construction projects, buildings, storage tanks, and many others. You will find heavy plates, bars, and sheets of aluminum from this series.