Check Out for These Technologies in Rock Auger Bits for Sale

Check Out for These Technologies in Rock Auger Bits for Sale

Investing in the drilling industry is one of the best decision you can make. Although you require a lot of investment to start, the return on investment is good. However, you must ensure that your drilling equipment is in good order always. Otherwise, machine performance and productivity will gradually reduce, causing a decline in your ROI.

However, manufacturers are making things better for you by producing more effective tools. They are now using several technologies to enhance tools’ performance.  If you are looking for rock auger bits for sale, here are some of the technologies you need to consider.


Hardfacing is one of the techniques being used by manufacturers to enhance the hardness of tools. The technique works by creating a coating of a harder metal on the tools to improve the hardness. In most cases, the inner metal is usually soft mostly used for giving tools their shape.  The aim of using the technique is to enhance the performance and productivity of rock auger bits for sale. The technique also reduces the cost of rock auger bits for sale as the expensive metal only forms a coating. In most cases, chromium carbide is the material used for hard facing.

Brazing Tungsten Carbide

As we all know, rock auger bits for sale have two different parts. These two parts should be joined by a very strong joint, considering how demanding drilling rocky condition is. There are many techniques that are used to makes these joints, but brazing tungsten carbide is one of the best.  It forms strong joints that can withstand the most demanding conditions. So if you are drilling in rock soils and your rock auger teeth are breaking, then you need to check the kind of joint used. While buying, invest in rock auger bits for sale joined with brazing tungsten carbide technique.

Hot and Cold Forging

Hot forging might be said to be the oldest technology for hardening metal. The technique has been used for years, and it continues to advance with technology.  Today, it is also one of the widely used tool hardening techniques in the market. Forging is a process where the workpiece is heated or cooled to crystallization point. At this point, all you need is to deform the workpiece or the metal to assume the required of the auger bit. Hot or cold forged rock auger bits for sale offers extreme resistance to wear and abrasion and can withstand tough conditions.