Forging 101: Basic Of Cold Extrusion Forging

The cold extrusion forging process is pretty simple if you have been forging for a while. In fact, if you have been hot or warm forging, you will find the process quite simple because you will be skipping some of the steps.

Cold extrusion forging is growing popular because of the range of products one can produce. You can read here for more info about the products that this manufacturing is producing using the cold forging process.

If you want to know more about the cold forging process, we have put together the steps that you need to cold forge. Here are the main steps:

Metal Preparation

The first step is selecting the metal that you want to cold forge, and this choice is determined by the properties of the item you want to forge. Make sure it is of the right size in terms of weight. Then lubricate it thoroughly. Lubrication prevents the metal from sticking onto the die after punching, and it also helps to cool the billet during the forging pressing process.

Put Billet In the Die

You don’t need to heat, and you will just put the workpiece in the die. The die should have been made purposely for the item that’s to be formed. So, you should have had its design and made it with the specifications provided by the customers. It is a separate process that may be handled by another party.


Once the billet is in place, now you can start with the forging of the material. The punching step includes the compression force is applied to the metal to deform it. The force is too high that the material will reach its plasticity state, and this is how it is deformed to take the shape of the die. That’s how you form the new product with cold extrusion forging.

Removing Forged Part

The next includes a number of activities. It includes the removal of the flash and the removal of the forged parts from the mold or the die. These two activities can cause accidents, and that’s why they should be taken with care. Note that the formed product is still very hot, and thus you cannot touch it with bare hands. Make sure that you are using special tools to avoid accidents injuries.


The last step is finishing by giving the forged products a finer shape. However, cold forging usually produces near-net shapes, and this makes finish work pretty easy. But make sure that you are using the right equipment for finishing.

How Aftermarket Parts Transforms Your TMC Cancela Mulcher Use

For those using TMC Cancela mulchers, I know you must have been having problems with accessing replacement parts. After using the attachment for a certain period of time, the teeth and other parts will start wearing out. How you make replacements or the choice of the parts matters the most.

The aftermarket TMC Cancela mulcher parts, including the teeth, are now readily available. But why should you consider these parts or the originals and others options? Well, the answer is that they can transform your mulcher use. Here are some of the ways that aftermarket TMC Cancela mulcher parts can transform your operations:

Cheaper Operations

One of the biggest ways that aftermarket TMC Cancela mulcher parts can transform your use of these machines is the cost of operation. You will be spending less to mulch with aftermarket tools. The cost of the parts is one of the ways that you will be able to reduce the overall cost of operation.  Purchasing aftermarket parts is cheaper than buying originals and some OEM parts.

Reduced Downtimes

The biggest challenge that you have to be ready to deal with is downtime. If buying replacement parts for the first time from the original manufacturer, you will find out that you have to wait for a long time in the queue. This simply means downtimes in your operation. But with aftermarket TMC Cancela mulcher parts, you can have them supplied within a very short time. Queues are shorter.

High Productivity

You can expect to have higher productivity when using aftermarket TMC Cancela mulcher parts. This is because aftermarket manufacturers have been able to produce high-quality parts that offer high performance and productivity. You can also place an old for customized mulching parts that suit your needs. With tungsten carbide mulcher teeth, you can expect nothing but high productivity.

Reduced Repairs

You will be doing fewer repairs with aftermarket TMC Cancela mulcher parts. This means you will be spending less to operate your mulching machine. Aftermarket manufacturers such as JYF Machinery are producing high-quality tools that withstand high wear and tear rates. Therefore, you will not need to do a lot of repairs.

Few Replacement Needs

Because of the high-quality tools you get from aftermarket TMC Cancela mulcher parts, you will be spending less on replacement. With high resistance to wear, tear, and abrasion, these parts last longer. Therefore, it will take a while before considering making a replacement for worn-out parts.