Key Features Weld on Carbide Teeth

Key Features Weld on Carbide Teeth

If you have a drilling project that is proving stubborn, you should drop the common drilling bit for weld on carbide teeth. These types of teeth/bits are extremely powerful and that is the reason they widely used in drilling works. One thing that makes them exceptional is the fact that the tip and the body are not welded using the braze technology like other teeth. That is why they are extremely rigid and the reason why they perform well in tough conditions. In most cases, weld on carbide teeth are used on drilling buckets and core barrels. What are the key features of weld on carbide teeth? Check out these features:

High Rigid and Strong

One of the key features of the weld on carbide teeth is rigidity. These are some of the most rigid teeth that you can ever come across. The nature of the joint is one of the key reasons why these teeth are popular. The fact that they do not use braze welding technology makes them extremely powerful. That is what makes them the best drilling teeth option in conditions where the rest of the teeth can’t. They are also big and bulky in size, a thing that gives the much need strength for such conditions.  It is this rigidity that gives them an advantage over the available alternatives when it comes to foundation drilling.

Power on Rocky Conditions

One of the toughest forms of drilling works is the foundation drilling. Unlike other forms of drilling, foundation drilling goes beyond the normal levels to hit the most rock soils. In such rocky conditions, it is important to have powerful tools that can deliver high productivity without compromising on the condition of the teeth. Not many types of drilling bits can offer incredible drilling as weld on carbide teeth. Since they are made from carbide material and cast steel, these teeth can withstand the toughest conditions and heat to deliver great results. So if you are drilling rocky surface, then these are the kind of teeth you should invest in.

Extended Lifespan

One of the key things you must take into account while investing in drilling bits is the value for money. But the most effective ways of getting value for money is an extended lifespan. With weld on carbide teeth(For more details, that is exactly what you get. They are constructed from highest grade materials- tungsten carbide and cast steel. They come with properties such as abrasion resistance and resistance to wear which makes them highly durable. By investing in these teeth, you will enjoy a long useful life thus giving value for money.

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