Hacks For Keeping Fecon Brush Cutter Teeth For Longer

Hacks For Keeping Fecon Brush Cutter Teeth For Longer

If you have been operating Fecon brush cutters for a while, you must have noticed that a huge chunk of the cost of operation goes repair and maintenance. However, most of the cost is seen in the maintenance of the cutting material. That may be in terms repair and replacement of the Fecon mulcher teeth. However, you can reduce this cost by maintaining the teeth in a good condition. In this article, we rounded up you with tips that will help you keep you Fecon brush cutter teeth in a good condition. Check out these hacks:

Invest In Operator

One of the major reasons why most people complain of the mulcher teeth wearing off to fats is due to poor use. Did you vet the experience of the operator while hiring? If you are the one operating, how well are you trained? These are the key question to answer. Just like any other machine, how it operated will definitely affect the longevity of the wear parts. A professional and experienced operator is extremely careful not to expose the machine to severe conditions that reduce its lifespan. They know how to maximize productivity without compromising the machine.

Invest In Maintenance

Don’t be mean with your machine if you want to continue getting the best. Make sure that regular maintenance of the machine is one of the key activities. However, it has to be a regular maintenance and the monthly kind of maintenance. Make it a habit to inspect the machine before working and after the work. That way, you will be able to identify faults and damages on the teeth other wear parts before it gets worse. At that stage, it will be cheap to make the repair and that will also extend the lifespan of the teeth significantly.

Avoid Rocky Surfaces

Fecon brush hogs teeth are not designed to work on rocky surfaces. Exposing them to such surfaces will have a negative impact on the teeth lifespan. Although Fecon brush hog teeth are made from highest grade material, they cannot with rocky surfaces for long. They will become dull and blunt thus making it difficult for the machine recorded peak productivity. Therefore, work only on the vegetation the mulching machine is designed for. That is one of the ways that you will ensure that the mulching teeth lifespan is extended.

So for your Fecon brush cutter teeth to last for longer, try these hacks. they have been tested and found to work extremely well.

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