Bobcat Auger Parts To Check Regularly  

Bobcat Auger Parts To Check Regularly

When it comes to maintaining your Bobcat auger, which parts do you prioritize? Well, this is one of the blunders that most people make. Like other machines, there are few things you need give more attention to. These are areas that are likely to wear off faster than the rest. By doing this, you will extend your machine’s lifespan significantly. Unfortunately, most operators don’t know this simple fact thus resulting in high rate of wear and tear, and finally, the breakdown of the machine. In this article, we are going to look at some of the major Bobcat auger parts you should always prioritize in your repair and maintenance.

Auger parts and Misc. Accessories

The first thing that you must always start with is the wear parts and all the accessories. There are various wear parts that make up the auger attachment. The most critical components are the auger teeth. No matter the type of teeth that you are using, you must ensure that they are in the best condition possible. As the cutting parts, teeth are exposed to the high rate of wear, depending on the material used for their construction.  Make sure that they are repaired by sharpening and when beyond repair, have them replaced instantly to maintain you auger equipment in good condition.

Other Bobcat auger parts and accessories that you should check regularly include fishtail points, auger collar, and the boring heads. The condition of these wear parts is critical to the performance of the machine. Make sure that they have been maintained in their best condition possible. When replacement is necessary, make sure that it has been done immediately.

Auger Adaptors

Auger adaptors are also very critical to the performance of the auger equipment. However, they are also affected by wear and tear, and they might make it impossible for the equipment to work effectively. Therefore, make sure that you have put them in the list of parts to be checked regularly. You can have the repaired or replaced when necessary. Fortunately, there Bobcat auger adaptors are easily available in the market for replacements.

Auger Extensions

Have your auger extensions checked regularly to ascertain their conditions always? They are critical for the overall performance of the auger attachment. You should have them repaired to restore their performance. However, if they are beyond repair, get them replaced. Depending on the prime mover you are using, you have a vast range of auger extensions to pick from.

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