How To Keep Stump Grinder Teeth Sharp For Long

How To Keep Stump Grinder Teeth Sharp For Long

The sharpness of your stump grinder teeth is critical to the performance and productivity of your machine. However, that is not always the ideal situation since as the time goes by, the condition of the teeth continues to deteriorate. In most cases, the stump grinder teeth get dull or blunt, and that makes it hard for the machine to remove stumps effectively. But there are ways that you can solve this problem and make sure that the sharpness in your grinder teeth is maintained for long. Here are tips to keep stump grinder teeth sharp for long:

Cleaning the Teeth regular

One of the main reasons why the stump grinder teeth get becomes dull and blunt is due to the buildup of dirt. As you grind through stumps, the gum from the tree and the static charges develops attracts dirt particles, and the accumulation starts developing slowly. It will reach a point where the carbide shank can no longer work thus making it difficult for the machine to cut effectively. But you can prevent such cases by cleaning the teeth after every grind work. Make sure that the dirt that was building up on the teeth has been removed and that the carbide shank is not blocked.

Pick the right work Surface

When it comes to the work surface, it is important to know what your teeth can do and what it can do. One of the blunders that most people make is failing to understand is that every stump grinder tooth is designed for a specific task. Therefore, you must ensure that you are using the teeth for the right purpose. If the grinder is designed for grinding softwood, do not use them for the grinding of hardwood stump grinder. By doing that, you will wear down the teeth quicker. Therefore, select the right wood for to grind to keep the teeth in good shape.

Regular Shank Sharpening

The other way to keep stump grinder teeth sharp for long is regularly sharpening. The shank or the tip of the teeth is usually made of carbide material that can deteriorate with time. If not checked, it will become dull and blunt thus making it difficult for the grinder to remove stumps. That is why it important to sharpen the teeth from time to time to ensure peak performance of the machine.  It does not need to be a thorough sharpening but a slight touch with the green wheel. That should keep your teeth sharp for a longer time.

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