How to Keep Your Drilling Equipment Running with Pengo Auger Teeth?

How to Keep Your Drilling Equipment Running with Pengo Auger Teeth?

If your drilling machine is running on Pengo auger teeth, then you are definitely getting the most out it. Pengo teeth have a reputation for producing an incredible performance due to their quality. However, to keep your machine running in Pengo auger teeth can be a little bit challenging, especially if you are drilling demanding conditions. Here are tips on how to keep your machine running efficiently with Pengo auger teeth.

Invest in Quality

One of the key things that you need to consider is the quality of the teeth that you have invested in. Note that even Pengo auger teeth also comes in different qualities hence the need to select carefully. If you are digging holes, then the quality may not be the same to Pengo auger teeth for foundation drilling. Therefore, you must start by investing in quality. Do not make a mistake of buying auger teeth meant for digging pole holes for sinking borehole.

Check Auger Teeth Authenticity

By the virtual of being a big brand, you are likely to find copies if Pengo auger teeth in the market. The fact that they have been copied means that the quality is not controlled; hence, they are likely to wear down really fast. Therefore, you need to consider the issue of authenticity when buying. Make sure that you are buying from the Pengo outlet, online store, or an authorized dealer. That is how you get quality tools.

Make regular Inspection a Norm

Routine inspection is another way to keep your drilling machine running efficiently and for longer. It helps to eliminate small problems that would grow and result in machine break down.  With the inspection of the machine on a regular basis, you are able to identify some of the problems such as wearing parts and fix them before the condition get worse. That is one of the best ways of keeping your machine running smooth and efficiently. Inspecting your pengo auger teeth after work is the highly recommended approach.

Keep auger Wear parts

Having spare Pengo auger teeth is highly recommended. No matter how smart you think you are, you are likely to get an unexpected breakdown or broken parts that need to be fixed ASAP to resume drilling. If you don’t have spare parts, then you are likely to experience a nasty downtime. That is why it is recommended spare Pengo auger teeth in the site for emergencies. That is how you are guaranteed an efficient running of the machine.

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