What Causes Quadco Teeth Carbide Breakage

What Causes Quadco Teeth Carbide Breakage

Breakage of carbide is not uncommon to old Quadco teeth. But if it is happening new or relatively new teeth, then you have a reason. But what could be the cause the teeth breakages? Well, this is a question that can be explained in different conditions. However, there are various factors that would contribute to breakage of teeth. Here are some of the main factors that you need to look out for if your teeth are breaking so often:

Wrong Application

If your Quadco teeth are breaking so often, then you need to consider whether the application of the teeth is right. Each of the teeth set from the Quadco Company is designed for a specific condition/s. However, if the teeth are not used in the intended situations, then a high rate of wear and abrasion would be high. The teeth will also be experiencing high pressure than it can withstand and that could lead to breakage. Therefore, ensure that you are using the teeth for the right conditions.

Quality of Teeth

The quality of teeth is another reason why your teeth could be breaking so often. Teeth are constructed using various materials some of which could be inferior in quality for some conditions. Therefore, you need to check the material of that has constructed the teeth you are using vis a vis the condition that you are working on. If you are doing foundation drilling using Quadco teeth and the quality of teeth is poor or cannot withstand rocky or compact soil, then there is a likelihood of teeth breakage.

Teeth Size

It is important to ensure that you have the right teeth size for your machine. Although the length of teeth matters, the most important thing is the diameter of the tip. That is the areas that are exposed to most pressure. If it cannot withstand the pressure produced by the motor, then it is likely to break. Therefore, check if the size of the teeth is too small compared to the pressure produced by the motor or the prime mover.

Worn out Holder

What is the condition of your teeth holders? If the teeth holder is in bad condition, then you are likely to suffer from Quadco teeth breakage. Tooth holder keeps the tooth firmly in positions. If they are in a worn-out condition, the firmness of the teeth will be compromised and thus the breakage of the teeth.

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