Tips for Getting Superior Strength in Rock Auger Teeth

Tips for Getting Superior Strength in Rock Auger Teeth

All forms of drilling including piling, poling or foundation drilling(For more details are machine intensive. That is because of the extremely demanding conditions they are exposing to. These machines require robust tools, and rock auger teeth are some of the most recommended cutter tools. These are types of drilling teeth made to offer incredibly high cutting performance in hard and demanding conditions.

One key feature that you should look for in rock auger teeth is the superior strength. It is a feature that enables these cutter tools to handle even the hardest conditions. Superior strength also provides an extended lifespan to the teeth. However, it can be difficult for newbies to identify this feature from the numerous varieties of auger teeth in the market. Fortunately, various indicators can help you identify of the rock auger teeth have superior Strength or not. Here are 2 tips for getting superior strength from rock auger teeth:

Teeth Quality

The level of strength can be seen from the quality of material used for the construction of teeth. In fact, the higher the quality of teeth, the higher the strength of the teeth and the higher the cutting performance of the auger teeth. For the superior strength of the teeth to be achieved, the best quality materials must be used. The best way to tell if the superior strength of the teeth is achieved by having a tungsten carbide insert for the tip while the body should be forged and carbon alloy steel. These are kind of material that offers incredible resistance to wear and abrasion thus they don’t wear down quickly.

Choice of Tip or Joint

There various types of tips depending on the nature of the joint that used in combining carbide insert and steel body. There are types of tips or joints used for the rock auger teeth. They include a plug, cap, and a narrow bottom tip. For the plug, the carbide tip is physically locked onto the steel body, and thus it may fail to deliver in extremely tough conditions. Plug is the most known type joint since it relies in on braze to strengthen the joint but it cab also break under extreme conditions. Third and most recommended is the narrow bottom. This tip is made by physically locking the insert and braze to strengthen the joint. Narrow bottom tips offer the highest superior strength even in the most demanding conditions.

These are two key tips that can help you get the highest superior strength from your rock auger teeth. With these tips, you will enjoy your auger drilling teeth for longer.


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