The Main Foundation Drilling Safety Tips

The Main Foundation Drilling Safety Tips

There is no doubt that foundation drilling is one of the most dangerous sites to work in. Operators on the site are usually surrounded by very hazardous conditions including electrical lines, gas, water lines. These are dangerous things that can cause severe injuries including death in case of accidents. Drilling machines are also extremely dangerous and could severe injuries, especially if you don’t have the right foundation drilling tools for the job. That is why safety measures are a crucial component of foundation drilling.

To ensure that you and your team are safe while drilling, you must ensure that certain parameters have been met. Here are 5 main foundation drilling safety tips you should observe:

Hazard Analysis

Hazard analysis should be the first thing if you must check even before you can start with drilling is assessing the condition of the site. Hazard analysis is one of the critical things that you must carry out even before moving machinery to the site. Check the nature of the land, the kind of soil that you will be drilling. Such information is crucial to ensure that you are bringing in the right foundation drilling tools for the job. You will also be able to arrange for the right safety measures for the job. Therefore, visit the site and check it thoroughly for any hazardous. Are there electrical or gas lines passing through the site? You need to check these things:

Safety Gear

The quality id the safety gear is another factor that you need to take into account. There are numerous things that happen while drilling some of which could cause injuries but can be prevented by the use of safety gear. Therefore, you need to have the right safety gear depending on the condition that you are drilling. Among the key things that you need in a foundation, the site is the helmet and protective jacket. The helmet is must due to the injuries caused by falling material. Protective jacket protects you from dust and other harsh chemicals.

Condition of the Tools

As mentioned above, the condition of the machine is a crucial safety factor to consider. Poorly maintained machines are a hazard to operators. If the drilling machine is not properly maintained, the condition of the foundation drilling tools may also be compromised. For instance, there might be loose drilling bits that can cause severe injuries to the operator while drilling. Therefore, you must always maintain the condition of the drilling equipment in the condition possible.

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