4 Causes of High Rate of Wear in King Kong Teeth

4 Causes of High Rate of Wear in King Kong Teeth

Just like the rest of the industrial machine tool, King Kong teeth are also prone to the high rate of high wear and abrasion. However, this should happen gradually considering the quality that King Kong wear parts comes with. But if you find that your King Kong teeth are wearing down really fast, then there could be a problem that should be checked. Here are some of the major problems that could be causing high rate of wear down on your King Kong teeth:

Lack of Maintenance

How well do you maintain your machine teeth? Well, that is usually one of the major reasons for the increased rate of wear. In fact, maintenance is one of the main challenges that most people are struggling with. Some people totally ignore the maintenance of their machine especially if it is new. As long as the machine is working, maintenance is not an issue. With such level of negligence, it is difficult to identify the problem early, and that would result in increased wear and abrasion of the teeth. That’s why regular maintenance is recommended.

Inferior Replacements

When the machine is new, it works fine, but things start going wrong when teeth replacement starts. Some people especially newbies fall in the hand of rogue dealers who sell them inferior or fake King Kong teeth. These kinds of teeth wear down really quick, and they could as well affect the rest of the teeth. Therefore, you need to check the quality of teeth that you have on your machine if you had made a replacement.


Just like the rest of the tools, King Kong teeth are designed to work within certain limits. If the teeth are exposed to extreme conditions than they are designed for, they will definitely experience an increased rate of wear and tear. If the machine is being over-worked, the pressure will be exerted on teeth, and that is what could be causing the increased rate of wear. Check out if the machine is overworking.

Untrained Operator

Last but not the list is quality of the operator. How well is the operator trained? Well, this could be the reason for the increased wear down of the teeth. Some of the people fail to vet their operators, and it ends up costing them in terms of repairs. A lot of skills are needed to operate a machine, and that is why experience should be the qualification for a good operator.


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