How to Maintain Your Fecon Mulcher

How to Maintain Your Fecon Mulcher

Investing in Fecon mulcher would be the best decisions anyone in the forestry industry can make. These are beasts in that they are extremely powerful land clearing machines that will definitely give handsome returns on investment. Fecon mulchers are designed to work on different types of vegetation due to the quality of the wear parts that they are fitted with. However, you have to use and maintain them properly if you want to enjoy better services and for long. Here are key tips that can help you maintain your Fecon mulcher:

Don’t Exceed RPM Specs

Even though speed matters when it comes to land clearing, you should remain within the limits as provided for by the manufacturer. In every mulching machine produced by the company, they have provided the maximum RPM that can be used while mulching. Make sure that you don’t exceed that or else, you might cause extra wear on the equipment. Among the Fecon mulcher parts that would greatly be affected are the rivets and cutter teeth which sets off a chain of reaction. Therefore, don’t exceed rpm specs.

Understand the Condition First

Don’t make a mistake of going into mulching without a clear understanding of the work surface. Inspect the condition to ensure that you have the right Fecon mulcher teeth for the job. It would cost you a lot in terms of damages if you end up using the common mulcher teeth on rocky conditions. The rate of wear on the equipment would also increase significantly if you are using it in the wrong conditions. Therefore, for proper maintenance, it is important to understand the condition.

Frequent Greasing

Fecon mulchers have many grease points that require frequent greasing to ensure the machine is working efficiently. Most of them are areas that are in constant motion and thus developing a lot of friction. If not greased properly, they will definitely increase the rate of wear on the machine. Therefore, make sure that you have identified these and grease them adequately as advised by the manufacturer.

Regular Maintenance

No matter what you do, your Fecon mulcher will definitely wear down at some point and more so the wear parts. It may be dull teeth or broken mulcher teeth or faulty Fecon mulcher parts. If such situations are not fixed, they would ser a chain reaction that would increase the wear on the machine. That why regular maintenance is critical to the performance of the machine. Therefore, make sure that you have repaired or replaced worn down wear parts immediately.

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