Here Is The Process Cold Forging Gears You Should Know Today

Cold forging gears is a fast growing in the forming industry. Most machine manufacturers are now opting for forged gears because of the many advantages they offer over other forming methods like machining.

So how does the process of Cold forging gears happen? Well, there are several steps that are followed. They include:


Getting the Correct Gear Size

The first thing is always getting the correct gear size. Gears come in all sizes, and this is one of the reasons getting the correct measurements is the most important thing. The size of the gear is a key factor because it determines the entire press.

Selecting Material

What is the material that will be used for making gears? The most widely used material is steel, but the type of steel metal will differ depending on the hardness required. There is a range of steel materials, and the application of the gears will determine the right choice. Gears used to drive large loads required to be extremely tough.

Cutting Right Material Size

Once the material has been selected, the next thing is cutting the right size. Of the gear weight should be 300gms, then the billet should be slightly above this to give room for finishing. This is an important step that greatly affects the next stage.

Getting Die Correct

With the material ready, die making becomes the next thing. In most cases, dies are two and are machines to form the shape of the gear. The die forming process is intricate and requires even harder material than that of the billet.


With the gear material and the die formed, the next thing should be the forging or the punching of the gear. The cold forging of gears does not require heating; hence the billet will be punched at room temperature. But in some cases, the billet might be slightly heated to soften it.

Cooling And Finishing

The last stage of cold forging gears is the finishing and cooling of the forgings. In most cases, the finished work is not necessary for cold forging, but heat treatment or cooling is very crucial.

At this stage, mass production of cold-forged gears is a possibility.

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