Features of Pengo Rock Auger Teeth

Features of Pengo Rock Auger Teeth

Pengo rock auger teeth and other wear parts are among the best rated in the industry due to the numerous benefits that they offer the market. One of the key reasons why most people recommend this brand of teeth is the satisfaction that customers get from these sets of teeth. The quality of the teeth is also another factor that makes most drilling contractors for these teeth. But what are key features that make these teeth stand out in the market? Here are key features that you get from Pengo rock auger teeth:

Carbide Tip

The tip of the rock auger teeth is a critical factor to consider when it comes to matters of performance and productivity. Otherwise, it will be practically impossible to deliver excellent performance out of your drilling machine. Pengo rock auger teeth tips are made from the highest grade of carbide material and thus their incredible sharpness and resistance to wear and abrasion. The company uses the highest grade of the tungsten carbide for the rock auger teeth.

Steel Body

Having a tungsten carbide tip will not yield any good performance and output if the body is not strong hard and strong enough.  Note that any form of rock drilling exposes the cutter tools to extremely hard conditions, and that generates very high heat enough to melt the metallic part of the teeth. That’s why you need to have a body with high strength features. Pengo uses the highest grade of steel alloys or forged steel for the construction of their rock auger teeth body. This quality of steel is known for its high abrasion and wear resistance.


Drilling rocky soils vary depending on the hardness and abrasiveness. You will get compact, platy or fissured amongst other types of rock condition. With conditions, you need to have a set of auger teeth that can handle a range of surfaces. That is what Pengo rock auger teeth provide. The company provides teeth with extreme versatility features that make them stand out from the rest. That helps to reduce the cost of operation and the efficiency of drilling activities.


The joint combining the carbide tip and the steel body is crucial when it comes to teeth performance and longevity. You to have a joint that will withstand high pressure and temperature without breaking.  Pengo rock auger teeth come with braze welding technology which is one of the best in the market today.

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