Best Practices to Maximize foundation drilling tools Performance

Best Practices to Maximize foundation drilling tools Performance

While working on foundation drilling, the condition of the teeth is one of the key areas to consider. Note that the condition of the teeth will directly impact on the overall output of the machine. Therefore, you need to maintain the your cutter tools in the best condition possible for you drilling equipment to deliver peak performance. But what are the best practices to maximize foundation drilling tools performance? Well, there are many but depends on how you approach them. Check some of the best practice that you should implement:

Never Re-use retainers

One of the best practices for you want to maximize tool performance is never to re-use the retainer. When you are replacing new conical in the drilling attachment, it is also make sure that you have replaced even the retainers. One of the main mistakes that people, while trying to cut the cost of maintenance, is reusing these parts. What they don’t know is that an old retainer (possibly faulty) also accelerates the rate of wear of the newly replaced conical.

Immediate Replacement

Due to the kind of environment that drilling tools are exposed to, they prone to a lot of pressure, heat, wear and abrasion. In such condition, the cutter teeth may become blunt, dull or completely worn-out. In some cases, it is possible to repair some of the condition, but if they are beyond repair, you need to replace them immediately. That way, you will decrease the pressure on other machine parts thus reducing the rate of wear and tear. You will also maintain and increase the productivity of the machine.

Cutter Tool Rotation

The rotation of the cutter teeth is one area where most people fail badly. In an ideal situation, the conicals should be rotating freely in the block. If you find that he conicals are stuck, then there is a problem, and probably the machine could be operating at a lower efficiency. The best practice is to tap with rubber mallet or brass. It is also important to ensure that while installing new cutter tools, you have cleared out the block bore to ensure that the cutter tools are rotating freely. That helps to maintain uniform wear on the teeth and also keeps the teeth sharp.

These are three best practices that can help you maximize your foundation drilling tools(For more details performance. Other areas that should also look out for include using correct tools while installing cutter tools to avoid shattering the carbide tip.

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