Auger Repair

Auger Repair

Ever thought of repairing an auger? Are your screw flights wearing thin ? Is a worn auger causing you decreased throughput or causing problems with the machine operation?

There are ways to alleviate wear or at least extend the life of your augers. Roll bars, thicker flight or different materials of construction can give your augers longer life.

If your conveyor, mixer or parts blaster design is conducive, you can also get extended auger life by going to a thicker stock material for your flight. The thicker the flight, the longer the auger should last before needing repair or replacement.

And if your current augers are standard carbon steel or even stainless, there are a wide variety of wear and abrasive resistant metals that can greatly extend the life of your auger. Make sure your vendor has experience and can provide you with material recommendations based on your product or material, process requirements and equipment design to provide the optimum auger life.

Lastly, you can do hardfacing of the auger and flighting, which has shown to increase service life up to 50% under normal operating conditions.

And don’t just dispose of your worn or beat up augers, it may be possible to repair your existing augers with the same material or enhanced material at a fraction of the cost of a brand new auger.

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